On-Site engraving for corporate events

Corporate Event Activations – On-site engraving for corporate events!

Corporate Event Activations, we offer on-site engraving for corporate events!

Your guests will love to take part in on-site engraving of gift items at your next corporate event ! We’ll personalize wine glasses, beer mugs and other gifts while your guests watch! This is one of many great services that we offer as interactive entertainment. We have taken part in a variety of different events throughout the years and guests continually tell us that its the most unique activity ever! We do on-site engraving for department stores like Nordstroms and Macys,  for fragrance like Jo Malone, Wineries, a variety of well known alcohol brands.  We also have a consistent clientele base of many corporations for whom we do on-site engraving during special events. These special events include the award programs, employee recognition days, and customer appreciation events.


On-Site engraving for corporate events

On-Site engraving for corporate events

We can supply a variety of gifts to engrave at our on-site engraving for corporate events.

We offer and engrave wine glasses, champagne glasses, beer mugs, shot glasses, double old fashion glasses, and stemless wine glasses. We can print the client’s corporate logos on the glasses and gifts ahead of time for the event. We will then personalize the gift for the client during your event. It’s a gift that they will keep for a lifetime! We also offer other gifts such as trophies and awards, flasks, key chains, frames and jewelry.


Call or email us for your upcoming on-site engraving corporate events!

We would love to engrave at your next corporate event, entertaining your guests with engraving their souvenirs right before their eyes! For more information on availibility, pricing, products, etc give us a call at 818-706-2151 or send us an email to .




Valentine's Day Gifts

Engraved Spirits Now at The Engraved Letter!

Engraved Spirits now available at The Engraved Letter!

Father’s Day and college graduation are coming up in just a couple weeks and we know that it can be difficult at times to find the perfect college graduation gifts and Father’s Day gifts to give! Whether it be for your father, brother, nephew, niece or  friend, we know that it can get a bit overwhelming when choosing between different gift ideas. We are here to help ease the process of picking the perfect gift and customizing it just the way you want it!

Engraved Spirits- Johnnie Walker Blue Label is a favorite!

Engraved Spirits- Johnnie Walker Blue Label

We have had requests year after year for Engraved Spirits! Johnnie Walker Blue Label is consistently our most requested with custom engraving to celebrate that special dad, grad or accomplishment. We can customize all spirits for our clients! Everyone has a unique and different taste and style when it comes to purchasing and giving gifts to loved ones. For Father’s day, the typical gift of giving ties, cologne or shirts can be easily out done by engraving a favorite spirit bottle for your dad.

We like to make it a bit more unique by personalizing each bottle for that special person in your life!

Here are some of the Engraved Spirits we now offer with engraving:

-Johnnie Walker Blue Label, easily our most requested and popular bottle!

-Patron Tequila, choose the classic or Roca Patron in Silver, Reposado or Anejo. Really Splurge with the Platinum Patron! We personalize the bottle by engraving a name, inscription on the front or the side of the bottle. It’s timeless and elegant!

-Macallan 12 Year Scotch, custom engraved for that special college graduate: This is a great gift to give to the special college graduate to show them that the finest things in life are achievable! We can customize these bottles any way you’d like. We can add gold leafingto the engraving to make it really spectacular.

Amazing Gift ideas of engraved Spirits:

-Custom Engraved Scotch, Whiskey, Tequila, Bourbon, Gin and Vodka.  This a great alternative to give someone if you want something a special and unique!  It’s a great gift that will truly enjoy!

-Personalized Spirits are a thoughtful and wonderful gift to give.

-Engraved Spirits are our newest addition to many custom gifts we offer! Our customers love when we engrave the glasses to go with the bottle as well! There are so many styles to choose from. You can have a name engraved on there, a monogram, simple initials, anything that is unique and special to your special someone!

Contact us for more Engraved Spirit ideas and to place your order!

We would love to help make this year’s gift giving a bit more special by customizing that perfect Engraved Spirit Bottle that you are getting your loved one! Give us a call at 818-706-2151 or send us an e-mail at of what it is that you are looking for and what you would like customized on it!

Engraved Gifts

We offer custom engraved gifts!

Here at The Engraved Letter, we offer custom engraved gifts! We have gifts for every occasion. We offer a wide variety of gifts to give your loved ones and personalize each one to your liking!

Engraved Gifts

Engraved Gifts

There are a ton of engraved gifts to choose from!

When you order with us, you have so many different options to choose from for your

engraved gifts. Here are some options to consider:

  • engraved picture frames: these are a great gift to give someone. We can just about engrave any picture frame for you to add that personalized touch to your gift. We also sell a variety of picture frames that you can buy from us along with the engraving.
  • engraved wine & champagne: these are two of our top selling items. Our clients love ordering wine and champagne bottles from us and having each one personalized for a special person or occasion.
  • engraved glasses: we sell and engrave so many of these! We customize wine glasses, champagne flutes, mugs, etc.

There are many other items that we sell and engrave; anything from personalized keychains, any crystal pieces, silverware, trophies, pens, vases, and so much more!

Contact us for  more info on engraved gifts!

Contact us for more info on engraved gifts and ideas! We would love to make your next gift personalized and special!

Employee Holiday Gifts

Top 10 Corporate gifts!

Our top 10 corporate gifts!

Our top 10 corporate gifts

Our top 10 corporate gifts

Our corporate gifts are a great way to say “thank you” to your employees and to show your appreciation for all of their hard work. We have so many different gifts that we sell and personalize for our customers! Here is a list of our top 10 corporate gifts:

Our #10 corporate gift is our desk globe. These are pretty popular. We can custom engrave the base that comes with the globe.

Our #9 corporate gift is our pilsner set. A lot of our customers like to get their initials monogrammed on theirs. It’s a nice gift set that corporations love to give their employees!

Our #8 corporate gift is our crystal clock. These clocks are simple yet elegant. They’re timeless; it’s the perfect gift to give your employee to put on their desk at work or at home!

Our #7 corporate gift is our crystal ice bucket. This is one of our favorites! They’re beautiful ice buckets that can be personalized to your liking! A monogram looks amazing on this as well as anything else that you may want custom engraved on it.

Our top 10 corporate gifts

Our top 10 corporate gifts

Our #6 corporate gift is our crystal decanter. This is one that corporations love to give to their male employees. It’s a very masculine and bold gift to give. It’s a beautiful piece, you can keep it for many years to come, and it’s a great item that stores alcohol such as whiskey, rum, etc.

Our #5 corporate gift is our crystal wine carafe. This is a favorite for the female clientele. Corporations love to give this to their female employees because most love wine and love a beautiful crystal carafe! This looks great whether you want it left untouched or want it personalized. Personally, we love all things personalized!

Our #4 corporate gift is our personalized poker set. This one is pretty cool & different than the rest. These poker sets sell really well to everyone, male and female. We usually engrave someone’s name on the front of the set or engrave a monogram, but can personalize it in any way to your liking!

Our #3 corporate gift is our double old fashioned glass set. Again this one sells more to the males, but we do have our female clientele too who love this set! It’s ageless, nice, & always useful! Monograms look amazing on these sets.

Our #2 corporate gift is our crystal candy jar. The jars come in 3 different sizes. These are definitely one of our top sellers! They are the perfect gift to give to your employees year round especially during the holidays!

Top 10 Corporate gifts!

Top 10 Corporate gifts!

Our #1 corporate gift that we sell is our personalized wine! This is our best seller, we get more and more requests for custom engraved wine bottles every year. There are so many things you can pick and choose to do with the bottle of your choice. You can have a picture printed on the bottle, you can have scripture on it, you can choose from a variety of colors to get the lettering engraved in, etc. These are personalized to your liking! And your employee(s) will love this and keep it for a lifetime!




Entertainment Industry Gifts

Entertainment Industry Gifts

Entertainment Industry Gifts

Entertainment Industry Gifts

We offer personalized entertainment industry gifts!

Personalized entertainment industry gifts are one of our favorites! We make personalized gifts for the television & movies industry as well as the sports industry. We love to make wrap party gifts, themed gifts, anything and everything! There are so choices to choose from when picking what kind of gift you would like to give your cast & crew.

We can custom create any entertainment industry gift

When it comes to the television & movies industry, there isn’t anything that we cannot custom engrave. Entertainment industry gifts are popular and are a great way to say thank you to your cast & crew. We can customize champagne bottles, wine bottles, key chains, crystal gifts, any type of bottle, any gift really! Whether it is something simple & classy or something totally bizarre & random, we do it all. We can create movie poster replicas on your gift or customize a movie logo, these are options that many love to choose.

Contact us to create & customize your next entertainment industry gifts!

We would love to customize your next entertainment industry gifts! We have prior experience in customizing gifts for this industry and would love to personalize yours! Give us a call to create the perfect gift for your next wrap party or any celebratory event!

Entertainment Industry Gifts

Entertainment Industry Gifts

Employee Holiday Gifts

Employee Holiday Gifts

Get your employee holiday gifts now!

The holidays are right around the corner and many corporations are getting ready for their annual parties and with that, they are thinking about what gifts to give to their employees. Employee holiday gifts are an important factor for corporations. The end of the year is great because 1. the holidays are coming up and it is always fun and festive, and 2. employees are usually recognized in some way by their employer. Corporations like to recognize their employees by gifting them something memorable or even in monetary value such as a bonus, raise, etc.

Personalize your employee holiday gifts!

Do you need ideas of what to get your employees for your next holiday event? Let us help you choose your next employee holiday gifts! There are so many options to choose from..such as custom engraved champagne or wine bottles, custom engraved trophies, key chains, crystal gifts, poker sets, and so much more. And of course, we can help make each gift a bit more personal by custom engraving them for each of your employees.


More information on employee holiday gift ideas

If you’re on a time crunch or not sure what to get, we can help! We will recommend what we think would be amazing employee holiday gifts. And we will make sure that it is to your standard and liking. We love the holidays and we love to customize beautiful gifts for employers and their employees. It’s a great time to recognize those who have and continue to work hard!

Employee Holiday Gifts

Employee Holiday Gifts

live engraving

Live Engraving

We will make your special event more memorable by providing live engraving to you & guests.

Do you want to make your next convention, wedding, holiday event, etc a little more memorable? Do you want to give a special gift to each one of your guests who are attending your event? Let us live engrave gift items for your guests during the event! What better way to thank your guests, colleagues, and friends for their attendance than to give them a gift to be engraved by us! It can be a wine glass, jewelry, rock stones, etc.

Live Engraving is a great way to get guests interacting and to make the event stand out.

Who doesn’t love a beautiful engraved wine glass or mini champagne bottle? Live Engraving is a fun interactive way to make your event unique and personable. We love meeting new faces and making everyone’s’ gifts special and one of a kind.

live engraving

live engraving

Call us to live engrave for your next event!

We would love to take part in your next event! You may call or email us for pricing and more information regarding live engraving. We come prepared! If you need items to be engraved, you may order those from us as well!



Custom Labeled Mini Champagne Bottles

We Offer Custom Labeled Mini Champagne For Parties, Weddings, & Corporate Events!

Custom Labeled Mini Champagne Bottles

Custom Labeled Mini Champagne Bottles

Custom labeled mini champagne favors are the most popular gift today!

Show that you care with a personalized gift to your guests.  Whether it’s custom labeled mini champagne bottles, wine glasses, shot glasses, or full size engraved wine bottles, the branding of the memories remains infinite. Over ten years of experience has taught us which process will get the best results; engraving, screen-printing, or full-color printing will enable us to customize the order to fit your needs and budget.  On expensive jewelry, heirlooms, and trophies, we also offer custom hand engraving.

Design your own custom labeled mini champagne! And yes, you can actually talk to us…

We understand the need to talk about your needs and see a free proof  of your custom labeled mini champagne bottle or any engraved gift via the internet before we start production.  We call it pre-personalization for the items you want personalized. So feel free to give us a call, send us an email, or come by in person to let us know what it is that you would like!

Custom labeled mini champagne bottle and engraving services

In addition to the custom labeled mini champagne and personalized gifts, we also offer custom gift wrapping and custom boxes on larger orders.  We can also offer you personalized giveaways like key chains, wine bottle openers, thumb drives, and a variety of different items.


Custom Wine & Gifts

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Custom Wine & Gifts

Custom Wine & Gifts

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Follow us as we post photos of new projects and great gift ideas, our favorite lettering styles and font picks, custom wine bottles, custom printed Champagne bottles, custom engraved spirit bottles and so much more!


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Questions, comments, suggestions about our custom wine & engraved gifts

Custom Wine & Gifts

Custom Wine & Gifts

If you have any suggestions or comments on what you would like to see more of on any of our social media pages (ex: custom wine designs, engraved gifts, etc), we would love to hear back from our followers!

We have amazing clients and we love engraving & personalizing gifts for them. With our feedback and their feedback, we work together to create the most beautiful one of a kind gifts. And we look forward to staying connected through our pages and share our pictures & ideas with you!