trade show engraving

Trade Show Live Engraving

trade show engraving

trade show engraving

We offer live engraving at trade shows !

Besides offering custom engraved gift items to our customers, we also offer live engraving at trade shows! Many of our clients love booking us for a variety of trade show events. We arrive and engrave special giveaways and gifts. Trade shows are our specialty with on-site engraving.

Giveaways and Gifts at trade shows

The best giveaway is one that has your logo and is personalized for your attendees! We customize the item in advance with your corporate logo, in a prominent position or discreetly, and then personalize it on site.
Personalized premiums will generate more traffic to your booth than any other giveaway. Did you know that an average giveaway is saved about 3 days, yet a personalized engraved gift is saved for years!

Trade show on-site engraving increases interaction between your business and customers

Our Trade Show Engraving Activations give attendees a higher level of interaction with your brand. Your giveaway or gift item is engraved while they watch!  Attendees will be sure to line up to get a personalized item with your company information on it, and while they’re waiting, a golden opportunity for your staff engage with prospective clients.  We can also provide the items to be engraved. Some great giveaway gift ideas are wine glasses, beer mugs, key rings, jewelry, luggage tags, compact mirrors, pens, and flashlights.
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Live Engraving

Live Engraving Services

We offer live engraving services- for Parties and Events

Live engraving services are our specialty. We bring our engravers to an event of yours to personally engrave gifts and giveaways for guests. This service is offered for various events; corporate recognition events, customer appreciation events, concerts, festivals, conventions, premiers, gifting suites, corporate events, product launches, and so much more. Guests have a positive and fun experience during this time. Clients like this type of service because it is more interactive and each guest walks away with their own unique custom gift.


The best giveaways at a live engraving event

When you book our live engraving services, you can choose what items they would like to gift your guests and have personalized. We offer a variety of gift items that we sell and we can put your logo on it before hand. You can choose from glassware such as a wine glass, champagne flutes, beer mugs, or you can choose to give out personalized keychains, candles, perfumes, awards or trophies of some sort, frames to be engraved, anything you’d like!


Live Engraving

Live Engraving

Contact us for more info on live engraving services at your next event

We offer live engraving all over California and Nevada, we have had events anywhere from San Francisco down to San Diego and in between. We also engrave in Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Napa Valley. Our rates for our live engraving services vary depending on location, choice of gift items needed, hours, and number of events booked. For more information on live engraving and possibly having us at your next event, give us a call at 818-706-2151 or send us an email at and we will answer any questions that you may have.